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8-String Grand Auditorium


I am
pleased to announce the availability of what is believed to be the first small-shop production guitar of its kind, a new 8-String Acoustic model.*

Late in 2004 I started work on a project that began as a 12-string to compliment a client's Grand Auditorium. As we began to discuss his needs for the guitar it became more and more apparent that what he really wanted was the sound of a twelve-string, without all the fuss and bother of those twelve individual strings. At the same time I happened to flip through Acoustic Guitar Magazine where I noticed a new 7-string design Martin Guitars had built for Roger McGuin. When I mentioned this to my client he suggested we go a step further and add an octave course to both the D & G. The result has been a guitar is versatile in a way unlike any 12-string we've played, and yet retains the balance and playability of a six-string.

* Please Note: The 8-String Design concept and the Signature "Dual-Loading" Bridge Design (8 & 12 String versions) are both proprietary to Eichelbaum Guitars - Patents Pending - and may not be copied either in part or in their entirety.


Technical Specifications:

* Signature "Dual-Loading 8 & 12 String Bridge designs Patent Pending


The additional tuners fit neatly onto the standard headstock for a sleek and uncluttered look.


The Signature Dual-Loading Bridge design once again allows for an elegant"stock" appearance while providing an efficient solution for accommodating the additional two strings.


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