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The Maker

Winter, 2009

With this being my little area of cyberspace to ramble, you'd think I would update it more often. Last year was obviously one of great change, not only our economy, but the world as a whole. I'm pleased to offer that it was a busy year for me, thanks to all of my great clients and friends.

This past year saw the Vintage Models (introduced a few years ago) growing even more popular, and I'm really enjoying the different building philosophies associated with this series of models. I think I'm even getting accustomed to that unique smell of hot hide glue early in the morning.

I'm also pleased to announce the introduction of a new feature available on the Grand Concert and Grand Auditorium Models: the Manzer-Wedge. This ergonomically friendly option makes player a deep-bodied guitar more comfortable than you ever imagined it could be. I'm also offering a new, smaller, head stock option with a script logo as well. Photos and a link for these coming soon.

So once again, as you consider commissioning a handmade guitar please know that I understand very well this can be the realization of a lifetime dream and I will do everything I can to make it an enjoyable process for us both.


David Eichelbaum


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